Programme 2021

World Summit AI Americas 2021 will be an all new format! The programme will feature a global power round up from the top AI brains world wide giving their predictions for 2021. It will feature the all new AI masterclass – a plenary session followed by an interactive q&a for a small group of attendees. The programme will be split to allow part of the day to focus on content and the majority of the afternoon sessions will be curated and pre-booked 121 meetings, match made by our AI tech tool.

Get ready for two-days of mind-boggling innovation all online, world leaders in AI giving their global predictions for 2021! Expect heated discussions on AI and ethics and AI4good, applied solutions for enterprise and hands-on workshops.

All attendees will be asked to complete a profile of your interests and desired outcomes so that our nifty AI powered matchmaking tool can set to work on building you a tailored agenda of 121 meetings.

You will be able to reach out to other attendees and request meetings, reserve your spot at the live workshops (limited places available), and participate in round table discussions – you will need to have your camera on and be ready to get involved for an interactive session with your peers.

All attendees must attend a minimum of 10 meetings with their chosen contacts!

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