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04 – 05 May 2022 – Palais des congrès, Montréal, Canada


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“A global force for good, focusing the attention of the data science and business communities on how our most cutting edge tools can deliver a brighter future for us all.”

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The World’s First AI Omnichannel (tm)

The World Summit AI in-person 2021 event has been switched to a brand new, innovative and very exciting new format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2022 in person event will return on May 4 – 5, 2022 at the Palais Congress in Montreal.

WSAI are introducing the WSAI Online Global Meet-up called the AI Omnichannel which includes highly focused and carefully curated peer group discussions, masterclasses and 121 meetings.

We ran over 50 online events during 2020 and found a new innovative way of conducting our world class events that provides higher value, more targeted interaction and a super efficient model to conduct meetings online.

The Global Online Meet-up!  Who’s coming?

  • Enterprise, Big Tech companies, AI Tech Startups & Scaleups, Academics, Investors & Students.
  • CEOs, CTOs, COOs, Founders, Chief Data Officers, Chief Information Officers & Chief Digital Officers.
  • VPs, Directors, Heads of AI Machine Learning Data Science Technology Innovation Applied AI
  • Scientists, Engineers & Developers
  • Investors – progressively minded VCs, Seeds and Angels
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How will it work?

WSAI Americas Global Meet-Up is designed as a digital first way to bring together the AI community in a fun, time efficient and curated way. It is productive and highly valuable – you can conduct months worth of meetings in two days!

You will be able to:

  • Connect directly to thousands of the WSAI AI brains to share your ideas, request meetings, and chat about ways to work together
  • Meet new and existing connections online 
  • Join 10-minute meetings with your target contacts – up to 10 meetings per contact
  • Curate your own schedule including 40-minute round tables
  • Watch world leaders in plenary then join an interactive masterclass with them – cameras on and all LIVE!
  • Continue to schedule meetings post the meet-up for any of your ‘star list’ matches 

Why is the global AI community joining?

The global community are joining to learn, rework the future and collaborate.

  • Meet new connections and business partners
  • Source the latest AI solutions and technologies
  • Keep in touch with existing clients and connections
  • Share ideas and user case stories
  • Find investors, venture partners and source capital
  • Meet potential acquirers and new business opportunities
  • Connect with founders, recruit staff, and meet up coming rising stars
  • Connect with AI ethicists, data scientist talent and developers
  • Join masterclasses with some of the biggest names in AI
  • Participate in an interactive workshop and earn professional development points

Leading industry experts discuss the hottest topics making global headlines in our masterclass with the stars

Should big tech be regulated or will this merely serve to stifle innovation across the AI is expanding so rapidly across all elements of our daily lives? Does the use of AI for profiling and tracking signal the end of privacy and anonymity? Question how our regulatory frameworks can remain fit for purpose when AI now permeates almost every element of our daily lives and is evolving so rapidly.
What does it take for humans to trust AI? Can machines have consciousness? If you create AI, does it have rights? What happens when the AI goes wrong? Who’s to blame?


World Summit AI Global Summit Series


The WSAI Webinar series is bringing AI experts to you from a range of businesses to go beyond the buzz and hype, share their developments, real-life use cases, successes, challenges and the resultant impact on their businesses. Stay connected and up-to-date with the latest developments happening within the world of AI.

13-14 October 2021

Amsterdam, Netherlands

In 2021, World Summit AI returns to Amsterdam to bring the global AI community, the world-class AI brains and unique energy it is renowned for to celebrate it’s 5th year under the theme “Without Borders”.

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04-05 May 2022

Palais des Congres de Montreal, Canada

An exclusive gathering of the major global influencers in AI  across business, science and tech for two full days of mind-boggling innovation, heated discussions on AI policy, ethics and regulation, applied solutions for enterprise, hands-on workshops and the development of plans for advancing the application of AI for Good in the coming year.

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12 October 2021

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Intelligent Health AI will once again bring together the global AI and health community next September to advance discussions on how AI can be used to prevent and solve some of the world’s greatest healthcare problems, and improve the health of the human race.

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09-10 February 2022

London, United Kingdom

After the sell-out success of our launch event in London in 2020, Intelligent Health UK will once again bring the global AI and health community to London. The two-day event will advance discussions on how to apply AI and drive technological collaboration in healthcare.

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Intelligent Health Webinars 

Intelligent Health has never shied away from the big discussions and it’s time we address the biggest disruptor the world has faced in a generation, COVID-19. Discover our Going Viral webinar series.

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