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2025 – Dates TBA

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A global force for good, focusing the attention of the data science and business communities on how our most cutting edge tools can deliver a brighter future for us all.” Forbes

“Imitation is the highest form of flattery… but there is only one World Summit AI!” Fortune Magazine

About World Summit AI Americas

The world’s leading AI summit for the Americas brings together the  global AI ecosystem. World Summit AI is the only AI summit in the world that matters, and we showcase the world’s brightest AI brains on our stages with innovative, cutting-edge, topical content, tackling the most burning AI issues right now. 

After the huge success of last year’s World Summit AI Americas, we were delighted to return to Montréal on 24th-25th April for the sixth iteration of the Summit. With the likes of Mila and Accenture as our content partners, and huge name speakers such as Yoshua Bengio, Jöelle Pineau, Gary Marcus, Roman Yampolskiy and Joanna Lepore – we once again showed the world why we’re the leading summit championing AI development for a better future for all.

THE summit you can’t afford to miss

> THE biggest global thought-leaders in AI and technology, healthcare and ethics

> Topical conversation and deep-dive tech-talks around human-AI convergence, responsible AI and governance, societal and environmental impact and applications, and so much more!

> Demos from the leading tech companies at our bustling expo

> More editorially-curated content and big-name speakers from our partners Mila and Accenture

> Innovation insights from some of the most-groundbreaking startups who are genuinely disrupting the status quo and changing lives

Who attends?

🧠 Tech companies, AI Tech Startups & Scaleups, Academics, Investors & Students.

🧠 CEOs, CTOs, COOs, Founders, Chief Data Officers, Chief Information Officers & Chief Digital Officers.

🧠 VPs, Directors, Heads of AI Machine Learning Data Science Technology Innovation Applied AI

🧠 Scientists, Engineers & Developers

🧠 Investors – progressively minded VCs, Seeds and Angels

🧠 Clinicians and Healthcare professionals

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Key 2024 themes included

    • AI adoption: What drives successful AI adoption in enterprise?
    • Human-centered AI: How will the rise of Generative AI drive the conversation around the need for human-centered AI?
    • Maximizing the AI Opportunity: Should we sprint towards an AI-powered future or take a careful walk, balancing innovation and safety?
    • Cybersecurity: How will LLMs and AI impact the cybersecurity landscape?
    • AI and the workplace: How should we prepare for the era of an augmented workforce?
    • Democratising AI knowledge: Can we democratize knowledge around AI and Responsible AI so people can meaningfully understand the impacts, harms and opportunities of the single biggest technological innovation in a generation?

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The world’s leading AI summit series welcomed Mila back as Content Partner in 2024!

Mila, – Québec Artificial Intelligence Institute is the world’s largest deep learning research institute. Mila will bring its academic expertise to our world-renowned AI Summit, offering first-rate headliners and panels.

Yoshua Bengio, Mila Founder and Scientific Director and Turing prize winner, delivered the closing remarks on the current state of AI at World Summit AI Americas 2024 and on the challenges and opportunities that come with a rapidly changing technological lansdscape.

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🧠 We welcomed the boldest brains paving the way with groundbreaking AI strategies 🧠

Why attend?

The world’s brightest #AIBrains are coming together to learn, rework the future and collaborate.

🧠 Meet new connections and business partners

🧠 Source the latest AI solutions and technologies

🧠 Keep in touch with existing clients and connections

🧠 Share ideas and user case stories

🧠 Find investors, venture partners and source capital

🧠 Meet potential acquirers and new business opportunities

🧠 Connect with founders, recruit staff, and meet up coming rising stars

🧠 Connect with AI ethicists, data scientist talent and developers

🧠 Participate in an interactive workshop and earn professional development points

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Intelligent Health Global Summit Series



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2025 TBC

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