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  • Which technologies should we be most concerned about? How are they being used?
  • Is all AI surveillance intrusive? 
  • Predictive systems are being used by the police and judiciary. Given what we know about the potential for algorithmic bias, how can we make sure these systems are fair?
  • Where else could bias creep in when it comes to profiling & tracking systems?
  • Should there be a blanket ban on facial recognition technology? Or does it have its place?
  • Technology is now being used to read our expressions. Is this “mind reading” technology reliable? What are the dangers? 
  • What about the cases where we consentingly and proactively hand over private information – like with the fashion for DNA testing? Does the transactional nature of the exchange legitimize the loss of privacy? 
  • What’s  the role of government? Do we need stronger regulation to protect privacy and eliminate bias in decision-making systems?
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