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World Summit AI Americas 2021 is an all new format! The programme features a global power round up from the top AI brains world wide giving their predictions for 2021. It features all new AI masterclasses – a plenary session followed by an interactive q&a for a small group of attendees. The programme is split to allow part of the day to focus on content and the majority of the afternoon sessions will be curated and pre-booked 121 meetings, match made by our AI tech tool.


World Summit AI Americas 

19th – 21st April 2021

Online Global Meet-up

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Day 3

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Day 3

Wednesday 21th April 2021

Event running in Eastern Time (ET)


09:00 – 09:25


Pierre Fitzgibbon, The Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade, Government of Québec

WELCOME InspiredMinds!

Vidya Gunapala, CCO, InspiredMinds!

WELCOME and chairperson’s opening remarks

Anushka Sharma,  Founder, Naaut

09:25 – 09:45


The Democratization Imperative: why does it matter and how do we achieve it?

The topic of ‘Democratizing AI’ has grown in recent years as being one of equal – if not greater – importance as more established areas of debate. It sounds a worthy pursuit, but we still find that commercial imperatives can often mean exactly the opposite, and the question remains rooted in academic and research circles without permeating to the mainstream. Education is often quite rightly touted as a core tenet of any democratization movement, but we also believe that continued access to open frameworks will play a key role in the development of AI and ML projects including those of the greatest social importance. Intel has been a prime mover in this direction and the talk will explain how open source, freely available cross platform initiatives will ultimately help all of us achieve our objectives irrespective of compute architecture.

Phil Vokins, AI Lead – Intel Americas and Canada, Intel

09:50 – 10:20 


Is data the Holy Grail? How can we source the data our algorithms need?

  • Data sovereignty, privacy and GDPR
    • Who should have access to data and how it can be anonymised?
    • How far should governments/ those with authority be allowed to go with acquired data? 
  • How to build trust around data – best practices and governance
  • Data ownership, provenance, governance within the public health sector 
    • Does the Covid 19 situation change in any regards people’s rights to their own data/privacy and to what extent should/can these be upheld? 

Dr Anurag Agarwal, Director, Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology at Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Beatriz Botero Arcila, Affiliate, Berkman Klein Center of Internet & Society, Harvard University

Ryan den Rooijen, Chief Data Officer, Chalhoub Group


Fiona McEvoy, Tech Ethics Researcher/Writer & Founder,

10:25 – 10:40


Trustworthy AI: from principle to practice

Does the nutrition label on the box of your favorite cereal apply to AI for business? Join Rob Thomas, IBM Senior Vice President IBM Cloud and Data Platform to learn about how trusted AI outcomes are achieved by what goes in and how it’s made: through governed data and AI technologies within an open and diverse ecosystem rooted in ethical principles.

Robert Thomas, Senior Vice President,  IBM Cloud and Data Platform, IBM

10:45 – 11:05

HEADLINER: In Conversation with…

Everything you need to know about machine-learning management, but were afraid to ask

It’s all very well understanding, in theory, the potential benefits of bringing AI into your business, but how can you actually achieve this in practice? Many companies jump on the AI-bandwagon without the necessary talent, resources or knowledge to maximize its potential. So how do you turn a valuable untapped resource into an accelerator for change? What’s the best way to hire and structure an AI team? How can you successfully integrate your AI team with the rest of the business? What’s the best way to maximise ROI?

Craig Martell, Head of LyftML, Lyft


Ciara Riordan, Social Media Editor, BBC News

11:10 – 11:30

Enterprise Story

BrewRIGHT – cracking corruption in the World’s largest brewery

How can we use machine learning and data analytics to foster a culture of transparency, compliance and ethics? Is it possible for organizations to leverage technology to work together to tackle the global challenge of corruption?  Anheuser-Busch InBev‘s BrewRIGHT in-house tool leverages data analytics and risk scoring to bring greater transparency across their global business – and the company is taking steps to make its technology available more broadly.

Matt Galvin, Global Vice President, Ethics & Compliance, Anheuser-Busch InBev

11:35 – 11:45

AI in Action Enterprise Story

Revolutionize Fraud Detection with Explainable AI

Industries from banking to e-commerce are struggling with ever-growing threats of fraud. AI is the perfect solution, but it is natural for the models to degrade in performance over time. How do you maximize the performance of your fraud models at all times? Join us to learn how enterprises are using real-time monitoring with explainable AI to get visibility and insights into the ‘why’ behind fraudulent transactions.

Krishna Gade, Founder and CEO, Fiddler

11:50 –  12:20


Banking on AI – how AI is impacting the financial services sector

Solon Angel, Founder, Chief Impact Officer, MindBridge AI

Jeremy Bornstein, Senior Vice President, Digital Partnerships, Mastercard

Federico Berruti, Partner, McKinsey & Company

Debbie Gamble, Chief Officer, Innovation Labs and New Ventures, Interac. Corp


James Briggs, CEO & Founder, AI Collaborator

12:25 – 12:45


Simulations – The new reality for AI

Dr. Danny Lange, Senior VP of AI and Machine Learning, Unity

12:50 – 13:05


Fast & Scalable Machine Translation

Vasco Pedro, CEO & Co-Founder, Unbabel

13:05 – 13:20

LEADERSHIPS INSIGHTS – What we will see…

Hear world leaders in AI give their top 5 predictions for 2021

Francesca Rossi, IBM Fellow and AI Ethics Global Leader, IBM Research

Dr. Danny Lange, Senior VP of AI and Machine Learning, Unity

Dr. Kathryn Hume, Interim Head, Borealis AI

13:25 –  13:55


How best can we address the digital divide to ensure AI is developed without borders?

  • What will life look like in 2030? 
    • Will increased automation eliminate a portion of the workforce?
    • What’s the potential impact of an increase in remote services such as education and health?
    • How can we address lack of access to these services?
  • How can we find new ways to work in a new world?
    • How can we continue to protect the most vulnerable without increasing workplace bias?

Alex Benay, Global Lead, Government Azure Strategy, Microsoft

Matissa Hollister, McGill Fellow with the World Economic Forum, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behaviour, McGill University

Daniel Otzoy, Network Coordinator, Central American Health Informatics Network (RECAINSA)

Francois William Croteau, Deputy Mayor, Responsible for the Smart City, IT, Innovation and Higher Education, and Borough Mayor of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, City of Montréal

Padmashree Gehl Sampath, Senior Advisor, Global Access in Action Program, Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University


Anushka Sharma, Founder, Naaut

14:00 – 16:00


Participate in 8 meetings of 15 minutes each. Curated double-opt in meetings to connect online with new and familiar faces. Designed to provide highly efficient connections for real business interactions. You can continue to schedule meetings post the meet-up with any of your ‘star list’ matches.


















09:50 – 10:20


Why your machine learning projects can fail, and how to avoid it

Olivier Blais, Head of Data Science and Transformation, Moov AI

Phil Vokins, AI Lead – Intel Americas and Canada, Intel











10:25 – 11:05


New visual techniques to assess, optimize and debug datasets and machine-learning models used in industry

Patrick St-Amant, CTO, Co-Founder and Inventor, Zetane Systems

Dr. Mina Amiri, Senior Data Scientist, Zetane Systems
















11:10 – 11:50


How can AI help manage and predict weather-related perils in a changing climate?

Dr. Alexis Hannart, Chief Scientific Officer, Axionable

Giovanna Santi, Technical Head of Climate Risks, Allianz

Minetou Ndiaye, Sustainable Insurance Director, Axionable













11:50 – 12:35


How smart cities are leveraging AI for clean energy

Frank Muehlon, President of E-Mobility Division, ABB

Francis Lalonde, Vice President of Transportation, Walmart Canada

Laurie Heuff, Director, Distribution Engineering and Asset Management, Hydro Ottawa


Dr. Nasrin Sadeghianpour, Senior Smart Grid & AI Scientist, BluWave-ai
















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